On June 7th, volunteers from Brand Asset Management Group in Chesterfield worked with us to make a difference in our community. Termaine’s 9 year old daughter Tyjah suffered an aneurism when she was only one, resulting in lifelong 24 hour care. Mom moved back to St. Louis to be closer to family for their support. While evaluating the home for a wheelchair ramp, we saw the opportunity to freshen up the house. Brand AMG painted the interior, added trim, installed new flooring, replaced the bathroom vanity, repaired the screened in porch, trimmed back bushes, power washed the house, and made soffit repairs. We thank the Brand AMG volunteers for taking an entire day to make a difference in Termaine’s life. Gateway Housing Service project was connected with Termaine and her children through the Ranken Jordan pediatric bridge hospital.


Pat was referred to us through a Delmar Gardens therapist. Due to the medical condition of Pat’s legs, she must use a walker to get around. Her home has one step out of the door, and four more off the front porch. Pat has fallen a few times, even with someone assisting her. Her therapist will be helping her learn to navigate the ramp with both a walker and wheelchair. Without the ramp, Pat would eventually have been homebound.