Our fifth project was for a 12-year old who is a quadriplegic and did not have access to the bathroom in the family trailer. We were able to modify the space so the family can now get her in and out for bathing. We also added a closet for her supplies. As you can see, the homeowner served us a fabulous lunch as well!!




A young wife and mother of two recently lost mobility in her legs and became wheelchair mobile. She was being released from rehab and needed a ramp in her garage in order to get into and out of the house and to do all the tasks that a busy mom does. GHSP built the ramp and she has returned home!



Here are some photos from our first official project. Our client, who is wheelchair mobile, and his wife just moved into a new home. There was one step to enter the front door, thus making it necessary for him to exit the home from the back onto grass and onto rough terrain to get to the rocky driveway. GHSP built a ramp so he could safely enter and exit his home. Thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers for making this possible!